Munsoft Matters: 2021/22 MTREF Tabled Budget Reporting Requirements

SUBJECT: 2021/22 MTREF Tabled Budget Reporting Requirements
Dear Munsoft Client,
The due date of 31 March 2021 for the 2021/22 MTREF Tabled Budget is fast approaching and Munsoft would like to remind all municipalities of the 2021/22 MTREF reporting requirements stipulated in MFMA Circular No.107.

01.2021_22 MFMA Budget Circular No 107 - 04 Dec 2020 (final)
The Reporting requirements include:
  • Section 22(b)(i) of the MFMA requires that, immediately after an annual budget is tabled in a municipal council, it must be submitted to the National Treasury and the relevant provincial treasury in electronic formats. If the annual budget is tabled to council on 31 March 2021, the final date of submission of the electronic budget documents and corresponding mSCOA data strings is Thursday, 01 April 2021
  • Municipalities are no longer expected to submit hard copies of all required documents including budget-related, Annual Financial Statements and Annual Reports to National Treasury via post or courier services. Hard copies must be submitted in pdf format to the LG Upload portal
  • Expected Submissions include:
    • The budget document must include the main A1 Schedule Tables (A1 - A10);
    • The non-financial supporting tables (A10, SA9, SA11, SA12, SA13, SA24, and any other information not contained in the financial data string) in the A1 in the prescribed mSCOA data string in the format published with Version 6.5 of the A1 schedule
    • The draft service delivery and budget implementation plan (SDBIP) in electronic PDF format;
    • The draft IDP;
    • The council resolution for the tabled budget
    • 2022 TABB Data Strings
    • 2022 PRTA Data Strings
The 6.5 A-Schedule is now available.
This Schedule can be easily populated from the data strings, using CaseWare mSCOA report writer which is run from within Munsoft.
The integration screen is visible under Supervisor > Fin System Admin > Utilities > CaseWare Batch.
This enhanced integration with CaseWare mSCOA report writer is done at the defined function breakdown level to enable organogram-related reports where the municipality opted not to adopt the GFS classification. In order to print to PDF, simply print Excel to PDF. All the relevant print areas have been pre-setup.
Further enhancements are made to allow the municipality or entity to extract the budget schedules, using the above functionality, based on forecast budget data within the budget module, prior copy to main, as this will allow to speedup up the process and viewing of the A-schedules.
Kindly note there is a once-off setup required, therefore please log a call on the Munsoft support desk as soon as you are ready to make use of this functionality and we will arrange for a Caseware consultant to make contact and assist with this process.
If you have any enquiries regarding the 6.5 Chart/Budget Circular No 107 or require assistance with the 2021/22 Budget process, you are welcome to contact your Service Delivery Manager and we will gladly assist.
Kind Regards,
Munsoft Team

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