The Munsoft Story

Munsoft has been a leader in the municipal financial systems sector for more than 15 years. During this period Munsoft became one of the leading financial system providers leading to Munsoft being selected as one of 7 companies on the RT25-2016 panel of National Treasury, which panel provides financial management and internal control systems to municipalities.

With the recent acquisition of Munsoft by ITNA a new force in the provision of municipal finance software and systems has been created which will have a significant presence in the municipal sector offering a full suite of services, ranging from financial consulting, infrastructure support, disaster recover, to financial software that supports municipal business processes aligned with the municipal standard chart of accounts (“mSCOA”).

Our Mission

We aim to become the leading municipal software, infrastructure and services company by providing a world class client and service experience

Our Purpose

We aim to make a difference in South Africa and to its citizens through helping to improve local government.

Change in shareholding

During August 2017, ITNA acquired 100% of the shareholding in Munsoft. The vision of the newly formed group, consisting of Munsoft and ITNA, is to deliver service excellence to all of our clients, all the time. We are committed to providing effective solutions that ensure its municipal clients’ business processes are aligned with the municipal standard chart of accounts (“mSCOA”). The ultimate goal of the acquisition is to create a synergistic relationship between Munsoft and ITNA, where resources and opportunities are pooled to create a powerhouse group of companies in the financial management and information technology spheres of local government in South Africa. As a result of this acquisition Munsoft is now a 43% Black Owned Company.